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We aim to foster on-going relationships between consumers, the wines they like, and the people and places that encouraged their wine discoveries.

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    Your users want a mobile experience and now you can give it to them! Drync is currently integrating with retailers across the country and giving them the technical and marketing tools to turn the Drync app into their own mobile store front. Do you want to bring your inventory, sales, marketing and customers to mobile? Learn more!

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    We have instant image recognition and wine information for over 3 million wines and are always looking to expand. Are your wines in the app? Scan them and find out. If not, we’d be happy to add them. We are also interested in talking about helping you continue the conversation with customers once they have left the tasting room.

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    Drync connects attendees with your featured wineries, giving them a way to remember wines they’ve tried, buy them again, follow experts at the event and share their wine discoveries with friends.

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    We love fun, educational articles on wine and tech. Take a peek at our blog and if you are interested, submit a writing sample along with some post ideas, to If we dig your words, we may just ask you to write for us. For all of the wine print on the process, click here.

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    Drync is a natural fit for restaurants. It allows users to remember all of their favorite wines, what they loved about them, and take the experience home with a few simple clicks.