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Another vintage where it paid not to react to the weather too early. A mid-march heat spell of 37-42 degrees Celsius for seven days caused a few to panic around the valley and start picking Shiraz too early. Thankfully the weather soon settled down (it couldn’t happen two years in row!) which allowed the fruit flavours to catch up to the high sugar levels in the grapes, which made way for prime Shiraz intake over about three weeks in the vintage shed. The result was some very powerful and diverse batches of Shiraz in barrel which has added to the complexity of this years Black Guts. It is the first in a double of great Barossa vintages and a must have for the cellar. It’s drinking incredibly well early on too (most hotter vintages do!) but it also has the structure to age for well over a decade or more. Undeniably a stand out wine for this release.