Average (77) Ratings: 3.8 Hearts

Expert Ratings: 88.0/100 points

Wine Description

The first vintage made by the Simon Halabi family with great ambitions, this wine reveals a beautiful deep colour. The nose is fresh and has hints of black fruits. The mouth is very dense, with a brilliant fruit, it has notes of toasted bread. It is spicy and full, tannins are fine and dense. The final is long and fruity. The very severe selection (only 30% of the parcels have been selected to be part of the blend of the Grand Cru Class this year), the several weeks long harvest, with the decision to wait for the perfect maturity of the last parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon, the harvest in several times on a few parcels, all of that give to this wine the length and the quality of construction, with “melted following sensations.

Tasting Note

mellows nicely after 3 hours decanting. nicely balanced.