Average (37) Ratings: 4.7 Hearts

Expert Ratings: 99.33333333333333/100 points

Wine Description

Krug 1996 is extraordinary indeed – an extreme, eccentric champagne that first caresses the senses with its rich aromas, firm texture and full, ripe flavours, then dramatically explodes into jubilant freshness. Rich, radiant gold illuminated by slender streams of bubbles, Krug 1996 already promises a masterful combination of maturity and acidity as its aromas tease the nose with the tartness of fresh pear and candied lemon, the roundness of ripe fruit and nougatine. Then, even as the taste buds a...

Tasting Note

consistently the top range that you can find for champagnes. savoury, excellent balance of flavours with a tinge of tomatoes. super!