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Tasting Note

91-93 in community Surprisingly approachable already though with some expressive alcohol. This wine is full of ripe sweet cherry and dark fruits, complemented by chocolate, leather, earthy mushroom, incense-like oaky vanilla secondary notes. Fresh, lively impression with somewhat chewy tannins and considerable acidity that breeze through the finish. (676 views) Tasted by Jack on 6/28/2011: PnPd. Spritz masked some pretty big fruit. 3 hours later it was worse. Spritz oak and alc. dominated. Opened something else to drink with dinner. 6 hours later the spritz started to subsided and the wine started to strut. Terrible to begin with - worse after three hours and really good after six hours. Day 2 - Still out of balance. While good it is over blown and needs a lot of time to settle down. 89 pts today. (902 views)