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Wine That Loves Pizza

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Don't let the whimsical label fool you. Wine That Lovesis a serious wine. Ralph Hersom, the Wine That Loves Wine Director, is a renowned wine expert and professional wine taster. For seven years, he was Wine Director of the world-famous Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. Prior to that, Ralph was Cellarmaster at Windows on the World, the famed Manhattan restaurant that has served as a training ground and launching point for many of the worlds wine elite. At Windows, Ralph worked closely with celebrated wine educator Kevin Zraly, author of the best-selling Windows on the World Complete Wine Course.

A sommelier since the age of 23, Ralph has an encyclopedic knowledge of wine and the global wine industry. His wine lists have won numerous awards and he has frequently been profiled in wine and food magazines as a master of the wine-and-food pairing art. His unique line of wines makes it easy, fun and more importantly enjoyable to choose the perfect wine pairing!

Wine That Loves Pizza exhibits these qualities:

This medium flavor-intensity dish requires a medium intensity wine. If the wine has too much or too little intensity, either the flavor of the food or the flavor of the wine will be lost and you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the interplay of the two flavors.

Cheese brings a broad richness to this dish, so the right wine needs medium acidity to cut through the richness and brighten the flavor experience. A wine with too much acidity will produce an overwhelmingly tart taste.

Pizza crust can create a dry mouth feel, so the right wine needs to be low in tannin. A medium-tannin wine will worsen the dryness and a high-tannin one will produce an unpleasant astringent taste.

Because of the tomato sauce, pizza demands a wine that is red-fruit dominant. This red-fruit base is enlivened by earth and spice – the types of accents that pizza loves.