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Weingut Heidi Schrock Gelber Muskateller, Neusiedlersee-Hugelland

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(2015 Vintage) Heidi Schrock, a petite, yet vibrant bundle of energy and charm, is considered one of Austria's best winemakers and has won many such awards and accolades for all her winemaking achievements. We love selling her wines because they are always made in such a pristine manner with excellent balance and equal restraint. Given her outgoing personality and sense of humor, we thought it would be fun to hear Heidi describe this delicious yellow muscat in her own words, "Happy-go-lucky and swirling light on his feet – that´s how he enters, not needing formalities to make an introduction. He simply captures you with his charms. Fresh-fruity and finely aromatic with vanilla, lemon, herbs and blossoms – a fragrant bouquet including chamomile, linden blossoms, melissa and mint. As summer aperitif he takes you to a garden or beach party, whereby he is also romantically inclined to ask you for a dance. And because we cannot live from hot love alone, there is also the lightness of cool cuisine: Fresh goat cheese, wild herb salad or gazpacho."