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The Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon

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    #16. Just a simple well balanced red blend. Juicy, but just a hint of spice. Maybe coffee and black plumb. Just barely tannic. Overall not a bad table wine, or a bottle when you don't know what you want besides "a red".

    over 2 years
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    Pretty good for a cheap wine $4 at smart and final there is no vintage on the bottle- a bit watery but no sour after taste

    over 3 years
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    deep rich clean taste; no heaviness. berry nose. taste fruit with herbal hints (thyme, basil)

    over 5 years
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    I thought it was great!! however it was a second bottle. need to buy again to verify.

    almost 7 years
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    Fair decent. Cheap everyday. A little watery

    almost 4 years