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Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red

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Teeth-staining dark red with hints of purple. Vibrant aromas of crushed red berries and cherries, notes of cola and cinnamon, and a hint of earthiness. Berry flavors explode in the mouth with cinnamon and cassis in the mid-palate leading to slight cocoa powder tannins on the finish. A very rich, full-bodied style.

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    Once upon a time in wine country there was a group of young winemakers. They worked hard all week and tasted so much wine that their teeth turned purple. On weekend, these same men loves to rodeo. They became known as the “Band of The Purple Cowboys,” so the legend goes. Tough Enough to Wear Pink!

    over 1 year
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    Wonderful on its own, very strong but mellow enough to drink alone.

    over 5 years
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    This just tasted terrible...

    about 4 years