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Point Ormond Sangiovese Grampians

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(2015 Vintage) Nothing says Italian like Sangiovese. It is the main star in the Chianti blend. It is one of four noble grapes that hail from Tuscany. But STOP the presses. This bottle isn't riding any vespas and yelling "Ciao, Bella!" This version of pure yumminess comes from Australia, and the Aussie's are putting their own mark on this Italian grape. High acid, a lot of fruit, tannin, a little bit of body, and low alcohol coming together for one awesome soiree. Say peace out to the Yellow Tail days. In the Port Ormond, the acid makes your mouth water; the bold, jammy, black cherry fruit makes you want to endlessly fill your glass, and the tannin gives structure and complexity so you can find the hidden notes of herbs, spice and tobacco. Here's to the pursuit of balance! Nose: Fresh red cherries that stain your fingers with a dash of the oregano you sprinkle on pizza Palate: Soft tannins that make this juicy Italian grape dangerously chuggable