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Mateus Rosé Tempranillo

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    Due to the unusually hot October weather (almost 90 degrees here today!), I wanted an unusual wine that I could have chilled. After spending only several minutes in the air-conditioned wine store this afternoon, I found exactly that. This rosé from Portugal caught my eye first with its flask-shaped bottle, and then with the cheap price tag: 4 bucks! The bottle wasn’t pretty, but just as we shouldn’t be judging wine by the price, we also don’t need to be judging a book by the cover, or in this case, a wine by the bottle. Served very cold (recommended), this wine had a delightful pink tone, a clean, crisp taste, and a very pleasant bubbly texture. This cheap, sweet, refreshing wine really hit the spot tonight. Although I will be keeping a bottle or two of this wine to enjoy all year round, it almost makes me sad to see summer go.

    over 5 years
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    sweet fresh sugary to the nose hints of grapefruit and roses! petillant grapefruit with a grapefruit seed (chewed) aftertaste. best rally cold.

    almost 6 years