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Mirassou Pinot Noir
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Pinot Noir



Wine Description

Taste Profile: Our Mirassou California Cabernet Sauvignon displays deep rich blackberry and black currant flavors. These primary flavors are complimented by secondary flavors of vanilla and hints of toasted oak and brown spice. This wine is full bodied with a soft finish of moderate length. This wine is at its best if enjoyed within a year of release, but should be able to age in the bottle for up to three years. Finished Wine: Balancing intense flavors of blackberry and black currant with hints of vanilla and brown spice, Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon is a unique expression of California's most celebrated growing regions.

Winemaker's Notes

The Mirassou California Cabernet Sauvignon was predominantly sourced from the Central Coast and North Coast to give a combination of deep rich blackberry and black currant flavors. The varied climatic conditions of these regions, including the mountain ranges and cool marine influence, contribute to a diverse complexity of rich fruit flavors. Sonoma County Merlot was added to blend sophistication while enhancing softness. The grapes were harvested with a Brix level of 24.5. The grapes were then gently destemmed, resulting in partial whole berry fermentation. Fermentation temperatures were targeted at 85° Fahrenheit for five to seven days to retain fruitiness and reduce harshness and tannins.