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James E. Pepper 1776 American Brown Ale

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What do you get when you take a legendary Kentucky Whiskey Distillery and match them up with a great craft brewery? A deliciously smoky and toffee-laced Brown Ale with a rich, full flavor and notes of whiskey, of course! The James E. Pepper Distillery was established in 1780 during the Revolutionary War (just four years after America declared its independence from England), when Elijah Pepper built a distillery in his hometown of Culpeper, Virginia. Fast forward almost a century later in 1867, when Elijah’s son, Oscar, who had continued the increasingly successful family business into Kentucky, passes the reigns to his son, James E. Pepper. Known as a “larger than life bourbon industrialist and flamboyant promoter of his family brand”, James took the business to its highest peak by not only socializing with the East Coast elite, including the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt and C.V. Vanderbilt, but also by popularizing the ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail. James also rebranded his whiskey ‘Old 1776’, claiming the distillery remained true to his Grandfather’s Revolutionary-era recipe. After James’ death in 1906, the distillery was sold to investors and continued operations up until 1958 when the bourbon industry fell on hard times and operations were halted. 50 years later, entrepreneur, Amir Peay, founder and owner of the Georgetown Trading Co., bought the rights to the brand and embarked on a campaign of thorough historical research in order to re-launch the distillery in a proper fashion. Although the distillery has not yet re-opened, Peay has formed partnerships with existing distilleries toproduce whiskey for the brand as well as this special beer made in conjunction with Beltway Brewing Co. in Sterling, VA. 10.40%