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Forefront By Pine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
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(From 2011 Vintage) Marnie Old: As a rule, affordable wines are made quite differently from premium wines, even when made by the same winemaker at the same winery. We can learn to predict which sensory traits will change as we trade up to more ambitious wines. In order to keep costs down, vintners must source fruit from more productive sites, often from regions that are warmer, flatter and more fertile than top-level sites. Efficiency becomes a priority, meaning mechanized cultivation and conventional farming to boost crop yields. Affordable wines rarely feature the concentration to benefit from long aging, and are usually sold younger. OTHER STYLES WITH SIMILAR PROPERTIES: Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington Cabernet Sauvignon. FOOD AFFINITIES: Sandwiches & burgers; Burritos & pizza; Simply prepared foods; Grilled foods & BBQ. HOW IT WILL CHANGE WITH FOOD: Will seem drier and more acidic with sweetness; Will seem riper & fruitier with saltiness; Will seem less acidic with acidic foods.