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Martian Mothership Grenache Blanc

Wine Description

Lemon verbena aromas greet the nose with hints of lemongrass and quartz adding complexity. Texturally it is really quite lovely; it’s bright, clear and moderately tense with a hint of white peach and bright citrus. Grenache Blanc is the grape the genealogy experts (ampelographers for the pedants in the crowd) believe was a freak of nature, a mutant version of Grenache Noir. We’d prefer anomaly of nature. Better yet, the unexpected and unanticipated of nature. It’s what you’re waiting for when you don’t know what you’re waiting for. It is the Martian Mothership. The guitar spaceship on the first Boston album cover. Its embrace is nurturing and protective, but still with an unabashed sense of adventure. Freak of nature!?! Now we must really take issue. How about one of nature’s eccentrics? The lovechild of Emily Dickinson and Howard Hughes…Okay, maybe we’re getting away with ourselves now. Suffice it to say, there is beauty in the unexpected, as evidenced by this wine.