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Famille Perrin La Vieille Ferme Ventoux Rouge

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Colour: deep cherry red. Nose: ripe fruit, rich and spicy. Palate: red fruit (blackcurrant and blackberry), spice with a fresh finish. Carignan , Cinsault , Grenache , Syrah

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    Interesting little wine. My local sells this at two for $15. Usually I shy away from the bins where a twofer is sold. The wine is usually crap and leaves me with an awful headache the next morning (or sometimes that same night) since they are so badly made, squeezing every last of sustenance out of the low yield grapes. But this wine is such a delight to drink. First off, it has a lovely, bright ruby red color to it. Has that colorful look to it a thirst quenching summer drink might offer. On the nose, there is that delightful, fresh Grenache scent followed by hints of a hot, arid vineyard, dry earth, and a hot sun. Taking in the aroma from my glass, I was teleported to a southern French vineyard. For the money paid, I was not expecting to have my palette awash with rare and exotic flavours and hidden complexities. I was tasting a good, solid everyday drinking wine. The wine was well made, straightforward, not pretentious and with some wonderful flavours one might expect in a wine twice this price. Good solid Grenache flavours with some black pepper, currants, a good amount of juice to it which rounds put the drier aspects of the wine. there is a nice taste of the greater terrior of this region of France; dry, earthy. There is also a nice body to the wine. It is a bit rough around the edges. The different flavours are not in perfect balance. This is great with a meal and is becoming an everyday wine for me.

    over 6 years
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    Product Details: This full-bodied and fruity wine comes from vines grown high on the slopes of Mount Ventoux, one of the best vineyards in the Rhone Valley. It has been meticulously selected and blended by the Perrin family, who also produce one of France's most acclaimed wines Chateau de Beaucastel. This judicious blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes has produced a typical Rhone Valley style: full of fruit and spice aromas, it has soft tannins and good body. A delicious wine for easy drinking. Alc 13.5% by vol. Product of France.

    about 7 years
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    Bright fruit paired well with kifta and gyros. Soft tannins did not overwhelm hummus.

    almost 5 years
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    God til let kød, let vin med nuacer og flere dybder (ikke tung)

    almost 7 years
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    Some fruitiness. Would be best with a boldly spiced steak!

    about 6 years
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  • Wine Spectator
    (2013 Vintage) Rating: 87/100 - As reviewed by Wine Spectator on 06/23/2014