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Kuleto Estate Zinfandel Napa Valley

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Wine Description

The finished wine is a very pale yellow in color and is so evocative of the Muscat vine. It smells at once of the fruit, flowers, leaves,and shoots. When I was a kid, I used to pull the individual flower cones from clover blossoms and suck the bit of honey out of each one. This wine reminds me of that for perhaps like lying in a field of wildflowers. It smells and tastes of clover honey and sweet hay and somehow manages to be both fatty and mineral-like in texture. Funny how something so delicate can be so delicious.

Winemaker's Notes

Our dry Moscato is made with several pleasurable things in mind, one of them being eating oysters on the half-shell, so, for our Moscato, we choose to focus on the blossom and sweet herbal components of the Muscat grape rather than that of cloying perfume. We also want to give it a bit of a grip in the mouth. We achieve this by picking at a fairly low sugar and crushing the fruit back onto the stems to soak for several hours before pressing. (Muscat is a very pulpy grape, and the stems provide channels for the juice to migrate through inside the press cake). Once the juice settles clear, we rack it to another tank to ferment very cold to near dryness (this maximizes the fermentation aromas), then transfer it to old 500L barrels to finish fermenting and age on the yeast (which builds in some richness).