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La Crema Chardonnay Russian River Valley

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(From 2013 Vintage) the series: appellation series Here at La Crema, we are passionate about terroir. In a literal sense, terroir is the unique characteristics of a site everything from soil, wind and temperature to the neighboring eucalyptus trees or distance from the sea. In essence, it simply means that one wine cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Produced in limited quantities, our Appellation wines are firmly rooted in this concept. the place: russian river valley Chardonnay is a chameleon readily taking on the character of its growing site and winemaking technique. Cloaked in the cool coastal fog that rolls over the vineyards each evening, Chardonnay grown in the Russian River Valley retains a lively acidity and crispness as it ripens slowly in the cool climate. We love the vibrant, perfumed aromatics and fresh, bright fruit flavors.

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    Very creamy heavy but pleasant. Starts off with a nose if peach but the changes to pineapple and a hint of coco. very pleasant.

    about 3 years
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    fruity, low-tannin, lots of body

    almost 4 years