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Guilhem & Jean-Hugues Goisot Saint-Bris Exogyra Virgula

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(2009 Vintage) The Goisots are perfectionists and this shows in their wine-making. They believe in the primacy of terroir and harvest as late as possible to maximise the potential of the grapes. The domaine has existed since the 15th century and Jean-Hugues started working on the wines at the age of sixteen. The Goisots firmly believe that great wine begins in the vineyard and have worked in organic viticulture since 1993 to protect the soil and nourish the vines. No fertilizers, insecticides or weedkillers are used; wild or natural yeasts are encouraged. The Sauvignon de Saint Bris is equally stunning: aromatic read more...with notes of peachskins and richly textured. Jean-Hugues has been described as 'The Pope of Saint Bris'. We are collecting popes on our wine list (q.v. Gilbert Geoffroy in Cotes de Duras). When we get a quorum, we will convene them all and elect an uber-pope (after we've ceremonially incinerated the vine clippings), a pope for all seasons and all grape varieties. (hide)