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Elio Perrone Moscato d'Asti Sourgal
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(2015 Vintage) Sourgal is the name of a wine, but first of all of a vineyard, a beautiful facility of about two hectares, which occupies the entire top of a high hill facing west. The particular exposure to the sun and high altitude, which allow a strong temperature range between day and night, endow this wine an unmistakable fragrance, fueled by a fresh acidity and supported which enhances the fruity aromas typical of the Muscat grapes and moderates the fullness of sweet and honeyed. In the glass it shows a beautiful yellow to green, with lively and evanescent foam that releases intense aromatic scent, with aromas of fresh fruit, grapes and peaches. The flavor is sweet, round, stimulating, never cloying. Just the particularity of these grapes has given the decision to start make wine separately, making Sourgal the first in a series of successful business wines.