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Bouchard Ainé et Fils Bourgogne

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Pinot Noir





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    I have to say, for the money, really very good. The colour is a bit ruby, as you would expect being so young. And the depth of the colour was a bit light; I could see through the wine meaning to me a coolish climate. Cooling meaning not southern California or Australia. The nose gives away that this is all Pinot Noir. Nice berry and earth nose to me. For the price, I was not expecting the real deep flavours I would be long ruminating over but I will say, if you let the wine sit in your mouth for a bit, draw in some air, swish it around, you should get just a slight taste of stalk or the stems the grapes were on. Also, just ever so slight hint of tannins. These two flavours should add just the right amount of dryness to the wine. On the tongue, it was light, juicy, fruity, a hint floral. It is a soft wine and I think best if brought up from the cellar or about 15-20 mins in the fridge. At a normal room temperature, the wine might be a bit too flabby. I do believe this was fermented in stainless steel. It has a very clean, crisp taste. I found this wine very enjoyable to drink. I could see myself, after mowing the lawn, kicking back in my Adirondack chair, under a tree, and quaffing this wine down.

    over 9 years
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    light purple colour, hints of strawberries and vanilla. medium bodied, fruit forward but nicely balanced with gorgeous red fruit flavours and gentle tannins. really nice!

    over 9 years
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    Very nice ruby color. Crisp fresh with berry notes. Medium body. Good daily drinking or with food.

    almost 9 years