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Viento Riesling columbia gorge

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    “Retro” -Columbia Gorge Vineyard, Old Vines, Columbia Gorge, Hood River 27th Vintage – Vineyard and Winemaker Back to my roots. Riesling may be the greatest white wine in the world and was the first variety I fell in love with. In 1981, just back from a year apprenticeship in Germany, I planted - with the help of family and friends - the Columbia Gorge Vineyard in Hood River. The vines and vintner are now getting old and gnarly but are producing wonderful quality. We still have invaluable help from many friends, and with this 27th vintage we keep with the original look and style of the wine – a classic Riesling with low alcohol, a touch of residual sugar, and great acidity to hold it all together. The label is a slight updating of our first, when windsurfing was the main reason for trips to the Gorge. The growing season was involved with keeping up with the vigor of the vines, lots of shoot thinning, and regular sprays to make sure that our organic spray program would keep mildew and botrytis under control. Harvest was on October 18nd with ripe flavors and good acid balance. The wine was cool fermented with Steinberg yeast and is finished with a slight residual sweetness to balance the classic acidity of the Riesling grape. The screwcap finish is to ensure that the fresh character holds up in the bottle. The aromas are of apple blossom and apple together with floral and cinnamon notes. The mouthfeel is light, moderately sweet yet with great acid to support this and then long apple, pear and vanilla flavors on the finish. This wine would be great with crab, spring rolls, Thai dishes or on a picnic by the river. Harvest 10/18/08 at 20.2 brix, 2.94 pH, 10.6 g/L acidity 10.9 % alcohol, 3.05 pH, 8.4 g/L acidity, 1.8% RS Produced 240 cases Cost: $ 16.00

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