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St. Innocent Pinot Gris Vitae Springs

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(2006 Vintage) "The Pinot Noirs begin with the entry-level 2006 Pinot Noir VillagesCuvee composed of young vines from several vineyards. Mediumruby-colored, it has a cedary, spicy, cherry and raspberry-scented nosefollowed by a sweetly-fruited, plush wine with no hard edges. Drinkthis friendly effort over the next four years."89 pointsJay Miller, Wine Advocate #179, Oct. 2008"The2006 Willamette Valley has a nose of ripe red and black fruits withspice, pepper, and floral notes. Concentrated cherry jam and blackraspberry flavors continue into the lengthy finish. Deeply colored read more...andfull bodied, this is a hedonistic wine that reflects the appeal of 2006and can be consumed in its youth or aged for several years to gainadded complexity.Oregon vineyards were originally planted on their 'own roots'.European grape vines, unlike American vines, have no inherentresistance to damage by the root louse phyloxera. This root lousesurvives by feeding on the small roots of grape vines. Damage to thesmall root allows secondary infections to enter the vine resulting inits death. There is no way to save infected vines short of replantingwith grafted vines - european (vitus vinifera) tops and american vineroots.Many of St. Innocent's vineyard sources havephyloxera. As we replant, the early crops have lovely fruitcharactoristics, but little sense of terroir. The wines made from youngvines will not be blended with older vines from our best vineyards. Oursolution is to blend these 'first crops' with a consistent Pinot noirbase wine from Vitae Springs Vineyard producing a Willamette Valleyblend. Given the extent of our replanting efforts, the amount ofWillamette Valley Pinot noir will increase in the coming vintages." Mark Vlossak, winemaker (hide)

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  • Wine Advocate
    (2004 Vintage) Rating: 88/100 - As reviewed in Wine Advocate # 165 on Jun-06