Rubicon Estate Zinfandel Rutherford Edizione Pennino
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16 Ratings
Rubicon Estate Zinfandel Rutherford Edizione Pennino

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Winemaker's Notes

(From 2006 Vintage) History
The Edizione Pennino Zinfandel pays tribute to Francis Ford Coppola's maternal grandfather, Francesco Pennino. Born in Italy, Francesco emigrated to the United States as a young man and started a music publishing and import company known as "Edizione Pennino." The company's logo depicted two images: the last view of Francesco's homeland, the Bay of Naples, and his first view of America, the Statue of Liberty. Francis Ford Coppola took the design in its original form and used it to identify the estate Zinfandel which, like Francesco Pennino's read more...journey, is the grape most identified with the Italian influence on the California wine industry. To add to the nostalgia, each vintage bottling has one of Pennino's song titles imprinted on the cork.
Vineyard Notes
The Zinfandel for Edizione Pennino is grown in a variety of vineyards scattered across Rubicon Estate's 235 contiguous acres. Two historic clones contribute to Edizione Pennino: Morisoli and Werle. The Morisoli clone provides the wine with blockbuster flavors of spice, cedar, and sweet fruit. The Werle clone adds aromas of chocolate and mocha, as well as a palate of dense, dark fruit.
Organic Farming
For three decades, Rubicon Estate has been farmed organically out of respect for the environment and our vineyard staff, as well as our belief that organic grapes make better wine. Although organically farming Zinfandel provides a challenge because it is vulnerable to mildew or botrytis, the rewards outweigh the extra efforts.
The Vintage
The 2006 vintage experienced seesaw extremes of temperature and rainfall. The year started out with storms and wide-spread flooding. Due to Rubicon Estate's outstanding location on the Rutherford Bench, our well drained soils were unaffected by either. However, the cold wet weather persisted, with record-breaking rainfall until May. This vast amount of rain required us to leave on our edible cover crop until the end of June, to pull water out of our soils. Then we were hit with a July that saw some of the hottest weather in the history of Napa Valley. August and September were cooler than average. Which lengthened the season and allowed the grapes to develop interesting flavors and nuances. October provided ideal conditions for the late stages of ripening, with warm, dry weather and temperatures reaching into the mid to high 80s.
Winemaker's Notes
Because Zinfandel is a thin-skinned grape and the season was long, we were very careful about the grape selection after harvest. As in the previous year, our Zinfandel underwent a cold-soak period to maximize color and flavor extraction. Then, each lot was fermented separately in 2 to 4-ton oak fermenters and punch-downs occurred daily. Fermentation progressed slowly into the next year, giving the wine an unsurpassed richness of texture.
Tasting Notes
The 2006 Edizione Pennino Zinfandel is dark, luscious, dense, possessing a mouth filling richness and viscosity. Aromas of raspberry, white pepper and shiso are followed by luscious, ripe flavors of blueberries and blackberries, briar and spice. With a palate this dense and ripe, the profusion of flavor lingers and builds beautifully on the finish.

Appellation: Rutherford, CA
Blend: 100% Zinfandel
Vineyard: 100% Estate-grown and organically certified; Gate, Bridge, Carriage House, Cowbarn, Saddle, Walnut, Mountain, Office, and Woodshed
Barrel Regimen: 17 months new and used French and American oak
Alcohol: 15.4%
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