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Marenco Moscato d'Asti Scrapona

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(2013 Vintage) 100 % Moscato Bianco grapes from the Scrapona vineyard in the Bagnario Valley, Strevi. The must obtained from the pressing of the grapes is stored at low temperatures until it is fermented in temperature-controlled pressurized tanks where an alcohol content of 5.5% is reached and re-fermentation takes place. Following filtration and stabilization, it is then bottled at a low temperature to facilitate its preservation and natural vivacity. Scarpona is the best vineyard in Strevi’s prestigious Bagnario Valley, with south-westerly exposure, 300 masl, marl and limestone terrain. 6.5 hectares of vineyards are cultivated using the most modern viticulture practices which aim for low yields obtained through short pruning, thinning and grassing, combined with a strict respect for the environment. A multi-clonal vineyard where five different clones have been planted, including the Marenco clone from our original vines which always produced Moscato of exceptional quality.