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Nicolas Joly Savennières Les Vieux Clos
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Wine Description

(From 2011 Vintage) The Clos is a Monopole of Joly's Family that has its own AOC Coulee de Serrant. In older vintages, Nicolas Joly Coulee de Serrant was labelled as 'Chateau de La Roche aux Moines'.

Winemaker's Notes

(From 2010 Vintage) It carries also appellation Savennières. The vines of an Middle Age of a score of years result from selections massales, and not clonales, to increase aromatic complexity. The grounds are primarily made schists but also sometimes of quartz and more rarely of sand. The outputs are of 30/35 hectolitres per hectare (50 authorized). Wine making out of wood or tank. Production: approximately 15 000 bottles/year. The quality of a wine is done especially before the vintage : the storeroom should be has our eyes only one maternity and never a factory. The wine making remains very simple; a certain number of acts like the relevurage, aromatic or not, osmosis etc… are banished (see data sheet). The wines are stored especially in old undergrounds or the bases of the castle.

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    AW:90-91 至少醒2~3hr最好6 hr 驚人的香氣,複雜的深度 蜜香有如暴風的礦物感,轉蜜頻果香氣酸度中等柔順而後轉太妃奶油糖及貴腐甜白酒香。 入口有西洋梨及柑橘類水果香

    almost 6 years