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Camille Giroud Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Vaucrains

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Pinot Noir





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    Mystery Wine #42 Dear Friends, I don’t indulge in every offer for my own consumption but this one is simply too good to pass up. When Mystery Wine has crept to this level, you know the concept has made an impact around the world. The very fact that a Burgundy producer of this ilk is more than willing to have some fun and offer their treats via Mystery Wine is very telling... Telling that everyone in the wine trade needs to keep the doors open (with a quick influx of Euros), but also telling that even the most stodgy and old-school nobility in Burgundy can take their ascot off on occasion just to see what a different horizon looks like. That is a vey good thing for you. Now the fun part... Considering the winery would like to save face with those charging $70-80+ for the same bottles, this Mystery offer is for a mix of two different wines from different vineyards – same vintage, same exact score. In essence that prevents anyone from tracing the tariff of each. I was given the option of offered one at a time, but that would have forced the use of a Kinko's label – if I agreed to mix them up at random, I was allowed to show you the exact label/bottle, etc. I agreed to the later and I'm sure you would have as well (the price was the same so why not just mix them up?) So, here’s what we have – one “Mystery Wine” that is actually two wines, mixed up at random. They are coming in equal amounts so the odds are that you will receive both (if you order more than one bottle, that is). Here’s what I can tell you... • You will get to see the actual label/bottle/cork that is on the market as I type this (this is not a Kinko's label). • Both have never been discounted from the source – it’s not allowed (that comes straight from the mouth of the domaine proprietor). I can tell you, it took over a year for the winery agree to this offer - I guesspersistence has its rewards. • This is an upper-tier producer with a terrific reputation, not a low-rung player • Neither are not cast-off wines – both are from revered vineyards with terrific critical acclaim. • Both wines received the exact same score and both have the heart symbol (“Outstanding!”) from Burghound with mouthwatering verbiage. • Both are from one of my favorite terroir vintages, 2007 • The lowest discount price I can find is $65-75 for one and $68 for the other (one is around $46 wholesale in France...the Mystery Wine price is even lower than the wholesale price in France) • Both should age beautifully • This is not Dugat-Py or Faiveley • They are not from the Cote de Beaune • Both are directly from the winery cellar with the finest provenance available – not via the grey market. • Neither are Malconsorts or Clos St. Jacques but there’s a reason I mentioned both. • Not all will tell you George Clooney is a saint. • “To each his own, but to me a feast” - Gregor Rond • “I have come to know that I only know the air that I breathe” - Litius Scronge On your mark, get set....GO! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 24/person until we run out: Mystery Wine #42 (red Burgundy) - $39.99 To order: simply reply to this email or send Nicki a note This parcel is set to depart from Burgundy – it will arrive in the late summer and will ship this fall (guaranteed). Please check The Center for local pick up in Sept. According to Burghound, neither wine has hit its drinking window yet - expect both to last well into the 2020’s.

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