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Brunello di Montalcino Fornace

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Le Ragnaie







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(2009 Vintage) hand-picked selection with fermentation in steel Days of fermentation: 7 days and 20 days normal fermentation maceration 4 daily pumping carried out manually. traditional without yeasts Fermentation temperature 30 ° C malolactic fermentation in steel. January transfer 10 hl Slavonian oak and French oak barrels

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    Brunello Dear Friends, I promised myself I would not get caught up in the hype over 2007 Brunello. The vintage is not quite as good as 2006, 2004 or 2001 and the marketing machine is in such full swing that it’s a little ridiculous at this point. In addition, Brunello finds itself caught in a psychological consumer quagmire, pricing itself out of its own market. What do I mean? Brunello has become the biggest bargain in Italy – saturation and slow sales on 2000, 2003 and 2005 (not to mention remaining stocks of 2004 and 2006) have the US consumer in a giddy mood. There's no longer any reason to pay more than {$39.99} for top Brunello (or {$29.99} from flash discounters). If your local merchant isn’t offering wine at this level, you need to urge them to look harder – the deals are out there in abundance. The entire category is in a very dangerous spot right now with a very rare paradigm in the wine trade that has been shaping up for the past 2-3 years – a psychological price point of resistance. Right now, there are two – the already mentioned {$29.99} and {$39.99}. Price-points that place Brunello on a rung as one of the finest price/value upper-tier entrants in the world. Where else can you obtain an estate’s grand vin with 10-20+ years of ageing potential for {$29.99} (or {$39.99})? The pickings are slim indeed...except in Montalcino. Take advantage. There are personal exceptions and entrants all of us wish to support at a higher tariff (Stella di Campalto comes to mind), but in the current market you can reasonably cap your Brunello purchases at the {$39.99} level and never go higher. I believe you can build an exceptional cellar of Sangiovese Grosso with intrigue, complexity, longevity and allure all for this price-point or less. With that... I was ready to write-off the 2007 campaign as so many others were doing a terrific job at offering the wines and then...I tried this. A wine Garagiste has become synonymous with, Le Ragnaie takes another step forward in 2007 and all I will say is...enjoy. No reviews, no chest-pumping, no marketing... ...just dizzying/high-elevation, titillating and fabulously elegant/complex wine from a full-toned vintage...picked from arguably the single most envied vineyard on the highest slope of the Montalcino hill. It’s also an exemplary bargain that fits nicely into the {$39.99} or less mantra above. This parcel is directly from the winery cellar with perfect provenance: 2007 Le Ragnaie Brunello di Montalcino - {$39.80} (N/R) (compare at {$50-55+} in the US, you’ll have to check 2006 prices) FIRST COME FIRST SERVED at this tariff up to 48/person until we run out Drink 2014-2020+.

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