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Black Cordon Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

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(2007 Vintage) Deep, dark, purple black color hints at the concentration of this wine. The nose is complex with dense blackcurrant and blackcherry most predominant but layered with nuances of brooding graphite, licorice and espresso smoke with a ribbon of vanillin and floral notes. This wine has exceptional balance. Most notable is the firm structure and powerful framework that holds lush layers of black fruits, blackcurrant and thick blackcherry. Tucked in between the complex layers are accents of licorice, smoke, briar spice and vanillin. Commanding, gripping tannins add texture without harshness. The confident acidity keeps the lush body interesting and alert. Always this wine comes back to the description of balance, as the layered, complex middle seamlessly gives way to the haunting, persistent creamy blackcherry in the long lingering finish