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Belle Vallée Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

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Pinot Noir



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(2003 Vintage) Harvested early AM Oct 6th, we welcomed the fruit into the winery, where it was immediately processed into one ton insulated fermenters, then cooled to 38F and left to macerate for 11 days. On Oct 17th a yeast isolated in Portugal, noted for its slow and steady rate of fermentation was pitched into the fermenters. Over the next 7-8 days the must would be punched down 4-5 times a day at which time we would also start slowly adding Pinot Noir Brandy @ 77%alc. Being careful to not yet inhibit the progress of fermentation. This alcohol in solution acts as an extractor of color, flavor and structure from the fruit into the wine. And only at just the right moment, approximately half way through sugar depletion, are the spirits added in their entirety. Killing all yeast cells, in turn stopping fermentation and retaining the grapes natural sweetness. The, now, Pinot Noir Port was left on its skins for the next 9 days (post fermentation maceration) adding even more complexity to its structure, body and aromas. The port was separated from its solids Nov. 3rd. and barreled down into mostly neutral French oak. It was left to age for the next 11 months.

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    supple plum blueberry and spice aromas. light and fruity. pair with scallops.

    over 6 years