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Twisted Oak The Spaniard Calaveras County

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We have quite a hodgepodge of tasting notes for The Spaniard, so rather than wrap a narrative of questionable cleverness around them, we're just going to throw them right at you: "Cherry Sweet Tart" "Leather berry berry" "Oakberry pepper" "Great gams" (gams?) "Fruitalicious" "Way better than beer" "A great [Italian] red" (that was one confused taster, and we won't repeat the inappropriate ethnic characterization that rhymes with Winnebago.) Our favorite: "It's turtles all the way down!" OK, so that last one is maybe too hip for the room (you can read about it on Wikipedia) - we're pretty sure he was referring to the long finish!

Winemaker's Notes

(From 2002 Vintage) Upon reaching the winery, the Tempranillo fruit was gently crushed and then soaked on the skins at 48˚F for 48 hours in a stainless steel tank prior to fermentation. It was inoculated with a Spanish yeast strain. After eight days and nearing the end of primary fermentation, the young wine was pressed off of the skins and put into barrels to finish out primary and malolactic fermentation. Halfway through the ageing process, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot were blended in to add complexity and additional “brightness”. It has spent 16 months in new tight grained French oak barrels, and another year in the bottle to allow time for the considerable tannins to finally begin to mellow.

Expert Reviews
  • Wine Enthusiast
    This wine has been interesting since it first came out, and with the commanding 2006, it takes its place as one of the best Tempranillo-based wines in California. It's bone dry, and while it's a little soft in acidity, the tannins are so refined that the wine retains structure. Flavor-wise, it's all cherries, cedar and rich, earthy mulch notes." - Steve Heimoff