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Kaesler Wines Old Bastard Shiraz

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(2006 Vintage) Color: Arterial blood Nose: Once opened, and when it’s young, exhibits soy sauce, vegemite, mandarin rind and flowers. After a few hours with air, and more suggestive of its future, it leans slowly towards dark chocolate embedded with black ripe yet still sour cherries. After 5 hours or more, small berried fruit, black and red start streaming though, vanilla lift adds a nice topping and ethereal afterglow. Palate: Intensely ferrous and austere upon opening but this trait will become complex over time. The savory qualities, pronounced by this vineyard persist until about 4 hours into the bottle. The oak is is well wound into the fruit at this stage but the competition is intense.

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  • Wine Advocate
    (2005 Vintage) Rating: 98/100 - As reviewed by The Wine Advocate