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Château Gruaud Larose Sarget de Gruaud Larose Saint-Julien

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(From 2003 Vintage) The vine here requires constant attention and numerous tasks to be carried out during the year. The quality of the grapes remains an obsession, a healthy harvest being a prerequisite for a successful vinification. The grapes are picked manually and are sent to the cellars so that the person in charge can control the vinification and the maturing of the wine. From then on there is a change of hands, not a change of destiny. The cellar master is there to attend to the year's offering and to master it. Everyone is at their post, the grapes are sorted again, chosen, selected by both man and machine. The destemmer performs its task and the grape bunch finds itself bare. The grapes are free - for a little while. The twisting pipes and the power of the machines are there so that the mixture of pulp, juice and skin find refuge in the large wooden vats to ferment. Fruit of heaven and the sun, the story of this grape ends in the silence of the vat room. The story of the wine may now begin

Winemaker's Notes

(From 2011 Vintage) Exceptional vintage. Outbreak of the first leaves beginning of March. Temperatures and amount of sunshine well beyond normal. Even so, the vines didn't suffer. Great drought confirmed (-50% pluviometry) and general flowering beginning of June. From August 20th, rainfall (withered or roasted grapes). Certain late growths benefitted from the eastern drying wind that stops the grey mold (Botrytis) to wait for complete maturity of the Merlots. The old vines, in ploughed soils with a solid root system in deep gravely soils held perfectly up against the great drought.