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Canoe Ridge Chardonnay

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(From 1999 Vintage) The 1999 Chardonnay stands up and dares the wine consumer not to notice it. The rich mango aroma and viscous finish tease the palate like no other Canoe Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay ever has. The usual flavors are all accounted for, honeysuckle, white peach, orange blossoms, freshly sliced pineapple and mineral. The tropical yum factor is an added plus to this vintage. As the vines are maturing, we are learning how to best accentuate the positive flavors of our Chardonnay. Barrel fermentation in mos...

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  • Wine Enthusiast
    (From 2000 Vintage)
  • Wine Advocate
    (From 1999 Vintage)
  • Wine Spectator
    (From 1998 Vintage)