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(2014 Vintage) Chateau de Sales is both the largest and oldest estate in the Bordeaux appellation of Pomerol. It has been owned by the same family for over 500 years and covers 90 hectares of land, 47.5 of which are under vine. With a replanting in the mid-1980s, most of the vines yielding fruit are at least 30 years old and are composed of 70% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. While the estate is obviously steeped in tradition, they do not believe in extended oak aging like the majority of Bordeaux Chateaux and prefer instead to age their wines in concrete tanks for 12-18 months and only an additional six months in French oak barrels, with just 5% being new. They do this to "preserve the qualities of freshness, fruitiness and terroir expression" and also to "avoid any "stave wood" flavors and ensure the wines retain their individual personalities." And that's pretty remarkable given that the wine really does have a suppleness and roundness even without extended oak treatments. The wines show off that lovely texture well and deliver vibrant, forward (in the Bordeaux sense, not the California sense) fruit with flavors of dried plums, leather and some nice earthy notes. Even with all that structure, they reveal silky, well integrated tannins on a medium to long finish.

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    产区是POMEROL,是波尔多的右岸酒。POMEROL是波尔多最小的法定产区,产量也最小,价钱也最高。其中酒王Petrus还有超贵的Le Pin就产自该村庄。 Chateau de Sales是该产区最大的庄园,虽然产的酒不是最好的,但至少也是POMEROL的平均或偏中上水平。 瓶塞很容易拔,很漂亮,瓶塞与酒接触的位置很红很漂亮。香气很淡很内敛。2005年的好酒,现在喝至少要醒酒1小时以上。入口非常非常柔顺,单宁非常顺滑。酒体中等偏薄。平衡非常好。很内敛恬静的酒。典型POMEROL红酒的特性。以前喝的号称小酒王的La Grave a Pomerol 2000 也是有这样的特性。女士喝非常适合。适合配清单的肉类。不过我个人还是比较喜欢香浓、活泼一点的Pauillac酒。 Chateau de Sales 的历史可以追溯到1249年,并在15、16世纪时进行过翻新。但是,1630年,路易八世进攻savoy王朝时被毁。 1672年,Louis Sales的侄子们,其中包括Charles-Auguste de Sales,这位日内瓦的王子主教,在Chateau de Sales的废墟上建造了一座小教堂。19世纪,建筑师Ruphy为count Fran?ois de Roussy de Sales先生修复了这一地方。增加了一个新的地窖,这里后来成为Roussy de Sales家族的墓地。 城堡也因此在1982年时被法国文化部列为历史文化遗产。

    over 5 years
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    Very consistent from glass to glass

    almost 6 years
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