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Château Cotes de Bonde

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    This wine wasn't bad, but definitely not anything special. I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything great from a regular Red Bordeaux, however, I figured one of the greatest wine regions in the world would impart a bit of it's terroir into any swill that came out of it. I was able to identify some slight stone fruit smells and flavors, but wasn't able to pinpoint anything distinct. This wine has a slight oiled leather aroma that I couldn't put my finger on until I read it on their website. It has a halfway decent balance with noticeable, but soft, tannins on the finish. The finish itself is short to medium and I'd say it has a fairly thin mouthfeel. It should be noted that this wine may be past it's prime and should probably have been drank a couple of years ago.

    over 7 years