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Terralsole Brunello di Montalcino

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(2004 Vintage) Color: Intense ruby red with shades of garnet, very clean Bouquet: Dense and enveloping with a scent of sweet wood; fresh prunes and dry roses, bouquet rich in fruit; the aroma intensely and ethereal Taste: An important earty/chocolaty tannic structure, very good and sweetly extracted tannins gives great drinkability together with an important aging potential.

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    let’s talk about wine... A large number of your have been politely pestering me about a second parcel of this popular Brunello we offered last December. Over half a year has passed and I’ve asked for an additional lot 5-6 times (without success) but being on home turf (in this case, Montalcino) has its benefits. Here you go – another original parcel with the finest provenance available. The price is up a few cents but I doubt you will mind – it’s still a crazy buy (almost 75% off the release price). For reference, I’ve attached the original offer at the bottom of this email. Here is a link to community notes: http://www.cellartracker.com/list.asp?Table=Notes&szSearch=terralsole+2003 2003 Terralsole Brunello di Montalcino - {$26.94} (compare at {$40-80}) (for reference, here’s the original offer from last year) Brunello Holiday Special Dear Friends, If you are looking for an unusually well-priced bottle of nobility, look to the world of Brunello where more bargain deals abound than at any other time I can recall. Why? At some point, the economy takes its toll on every wine region – the perceived upper tier of each growing district may skate by relatively intact but it’s the list of entities just under the cut-off of what I’ll call the “consumer’s comfort zone” that have idle wine left on their hands. This has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with a limited amount of consumer resources being distributed to a relatively small list of safe options. This causes a ripple effect where the highest scored/”best” vintages find their way into cellars and gullets but a trove of fine wine goes untasted and becomes idle. Which brings us to today's offer. After your support of the 2000 Terralsole Brunello a few weeks ago, Mario Bollag (the owner) asked if I’d taste another vintage blind to see if I liked it as much (or better) than the 2000. I obliged and tasted two bottles to be sure – both had stunning aromatics and were nearly resolved on the palate. They were a joy to drink with complex whiffs and Bordelaise palate tones (and an engaging satiny weight) - both bottles were a perfect match for poultry. I also tried one of the bottles the second night with more robust fair and the acidity and tobacco/plum notes cut through the grilled flank steak with ease. I wasn’t sure of the vintage but the evolution made me guess both were 1998? Wrong. How about 2003. 2003? That’s why we need to taste the wine, not just read about it. Mario was open about his conundrum – the wine received a less than stellar score from the Wine Spectator and it’s from a perceived “off” year that is evolving faster than 2004 – that adds up to back-stock without a home. He didn’t want to discount the wine because anyone that tastes it will agree the wine simply required bottle age to blossom. What to do? If you read the review below, the key to the verbiage is the phrase “needs to open” (boy has it ever). This is a wine that will never be a blockbuster on the palate but its delicious, medium bodied structure gives it an appeal that reflects a certain upper-crust character of old-school Bordeaux – something like 1985 St Julien meets 2003 Brunello. For {$26+}, it’s one of the better buys I’ve come across this season, thus the Holiday Special designation: [Wine Spectator (2008): ”($90); Full-bodied, with lots of spicy, dried fruit character. Tight, clean and spicy. Needs to open. Best after 2009. 87pts”] The moral of our story is a very expensive wine that required 2-3 years in the bottle to show its worth but the market has no patience. In a “what have you done for me lately” world, a $60-90 wine that was compact on release is now singing a siren’s tale circa 2010 and... It’s {$26.83}. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a regal drinking experience that is in a beautiful place right now. My guess is that it will continue to evolve for another 1-3 years and hold for up to 5-6. Make sure to decant at least 1-2 hours if you drink the wine this year. Guilt-free Brunello that is near peak?

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