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Louis Roederer Champagne Brut Rosé

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(2008 Vintage) A fine, very brilliant, salmony pink colour, with deep, shimmering highlights The elegant, discrete bubbles are also rich and creamy The nose is fascinatingly precise and intense. The fruitiness is clearly dominated by the purity of saignée Pinot Noir, with a steady flow of slightly acidic red fruits (redcurrant, wild raspberry) and citrus fruit (orange, grapefruit). All of these fruity aromas reflect clear hints of punchy, mineral aromatic freshness. After a few minutes of airing, there are riper, warmer, sweeter notes (jelly), hints of lightly roasted nuts (hazelnut) and even cocoa powder! The bite is lively, with strong sparkling fruitiness. The concentration of fresh fruit flavours and juiciness gives the vintage a full, almost creamy, texture. The strong winey personality of the great continental Pinot Noirs of 2008 is immediately apparent. The matter is rich, but immediately followed by the fine, long limestone freshness that is so typical of Champagne. The bubbles are completely harmonious, blending perfectly into this enduring, fresh experience. The finish is marked by a chalky mineral quality with salty hints, combined with a light touch of tannin which should fade gradually over time.