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Feudi di San Marzano 60 Sessantanni Old Vines Primitivo di Manduria

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Wine Description

(From 2010 Vintage) Deep dense wine with perfume, spice, violet, vanilla and dark berry fruits. "Chocolates blackberry gateau", complex, rounded tannins, persistent, fruits. This wine is soft with a suave perfume; its fruit is first of all a masterpiece of nature…blackberry and minty oak spices with a full roundness to its tannin and admirable structure and acidity.

Winemaker's Notes

(From 2009 Vintage) Vinification Hand harvested in small baskets. Maceration: 18 days with local yeasts. Thermo-controlled fermentation at 24-26C. Vineyards Selected vineyards of Neviera and Casa Rossa, located in San Marzano district. The soil is mainly ’terra rossa’, with a fine texture and generally a calcareous underground with a few emerging rocks. The well-known redness of these soils is due to the presence of iron oxides. The climate is characterised by high temps all year round, little rainfall and a wide temp range between night and day, which has a positive influence on the quality of grapes. This is the ’classical’ central area of d.o.c. ’Primitivo di Mandria’