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Rutherford Hill Petit Verdot

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(2008 Vintage) Petit Verdot is a welcome addition to our collection of limited-production Napa Valley wines. There are very few acres of Petit Verdot in the Napa Valley. Because of this fact very few of our neighbors in Napa Valley make this varietal. We are fortunate to have access to Petit Verdot growing over 1,000 feet above the Napa Valley and use this lofty location as the backbone vineyard for the wine. Petit Verdot is most typically used as a blending component valued for the deep color and firm tannins it lends to Bordeaux style wines. Petit Verdot is one of the five revered grapes that collectively are referred to as the “Bordeaux varietals.” Showing our creativity, Rutherford Hill bottles Petit Verdot as a stand alone varietal. Our Petit Verdot is a delicious, unusual wine that invites discovery.