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Rotllan Torra Priorat Reserva

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(2008 Vintage) This wine has covering layers that are dense with an intense ripe cherry red colored body and garnet toned edges. There is a marked tear that is inked and glyceric, with a slow descent down the glass. The first sense to enter the olfactory receptors of the nose are clear and fragrant wood notes that are entwined by sensual spices and toasted aromatics. As this wine opens to the air new fruit aromatics become present that are reminiscent of wild ripe blackberries along with some sweet licorice notes. These black licorice notes bring us pleasant childhood memories of eating this chewy candy. The background is slow to become present and presents pleasant balsamic notes along with fresh Cuban cigar aromatics. This Spanish red wine reserve, Rotllan Torra from Priorat, has an enveloping, silky, and expressive entrance onto the palate that is full-bodied. This wine has a smooth passage with a good intensity of jammed fruits and well-matured oak. This entire palate more than well-integrates this wine´s sweet and silky tannins that it gained from its long age in oak. The acidity and 13.5 % alcohol content of this wine has been well neutralized by this wine´s ageing. There is a silky finish that is persistent and long along with nuanced balsamic notes and a very delicate bitterness.

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  • Wine Advocate
    Rating: 89/100 - As reviewed in Wine Advocate # 169 on Feb-07