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Le Macchiole Bolgheri Superiore Paleo Rosso

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(2011 Vintage) Paleo Rosso arrived in 1989. It is the wine that has evolved well over time: born originally as a classic Bordeaux blend in 2001, eventually arriving as a 100% Cabernet Franc. This is a beautiful story of obstinacy in challenging the stereotype of Cabernet Franc, which is already difficult to produce, and even more so as a pure varietal wine. Today Paleo Rosso is a symbol of Bolgheri despite its distinct individualism and originality within the region; it is one of the most famous Italian Cabernet Franc wines in the world. The word Paleo is a common name referring to the “Festuca Pratensis “ of the family Gramineae, an herb spontaneously growing on the Tuscan coast.