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i Clivi Colli Orientali del Friuli Galea di Ferdinando Zanusso

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    1999 Dear Friends, With all deference to Prince, this wine will make you party like it’s, well, 1999....with a Friulian twist of course. Wine of this ilk is rare enough but Friulian red wine, with this level of age and provenance, is not the norm. Produced from 50+ yr old Merlot vines slowly brought back from near-dead conditions in the early 1990’s by Ferdinando Zanusso and his son, this fascinating example takes Friulian red wine to a grand place indeed. Reminiscent of old-school (1950s?) Pomerol more than Italy, this is the alter-ego to Miani’s high powered/Amarone extraction as the Clivi Galea stresses elegance meshed with power in a way that few red wines have the ability (or patience) to pull off. The aromatics alone are worth an extended dalliance and the palate is regal, long and touching on the sublime. I’ve enjoyed past vintages of this wine but the 1999 ranks as one of the biggest surprises of my European journey (it is also one of the most difficult to come by). Due to limited quantities, that’s all I will say except “Thank You” to the Zanusso family for indulging my infatuation with a pristine parcel from their own personal stash. This lot is directly from the winery cellar in Friuli with perfect provenance. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a peek through the looking-glass of a region that remains a mystery to most. 1999 I Clivi “Clivi Galea” Rosso (Colli Orientali) - {$58.90} (the Clivi Galea red is VERY RARE) Drink now-2016+

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