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Cockburn Vintage Port Portugal
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(1997 Vintage) Historically, Cockburn's has been more conservative than other producers in declaring vintages. Therefore, when Cockburn's declares a wine worthy of a vintage designation, the wine must be "great" and not merely "good."1997 was truly an excellent year in the Douro Valley. The harvest was one of the longest in living memory. At the far eastern extremities of Upper Douro, picking began before the end of August and continued until the second week of October in the cooler areas of the Cima and Baixo ...

Expert Reviews
  • Robert Parker
    (1983 Vintage) "This house tends to produce quite full-bodied, rich, alcoholic, spirited vintage ports that never have a great deal of complexity or finesse but offer meaty, chocolaty, spicy, full-bodied, alcoholic flavors at the expense of elegance. The 1985 was placed in a tasting where I also inserted the 1983 Cockburn as a ringer. I was surprised to find out, upon revealing the wines, that the massive blockbuster of the tasting was the 1983, and the soft, intensely fruity, forward wine was the 1985. While t...