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Schramsberg Vineyards Blanc de Noirs Napa Valley

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(1996 Vintage) Our 1996 Blanc de Noirs shows wonderful fruit aromas to compliment the doughy, bready aromas developed during the yeast aging. The cuvee is dominated by Pinot Noir and includes careful blending of Pin Meunier, contributing additional richness and depth. Both varieties also show interesting spicy character, reminiscent of nutmeg and cinnamon. The flavors are full-bodied and lush, leading to a long finish with finesse and elegance. These rich fruit and delicate toasty elements combine to create a w...

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    (2005 Vintage) Fresh fruit is spotlighted in this wine. Strawberry, raspberry and cherry aromas dominate the nose, accented by a delicious creaminess that carries through to the palate. The wine is deepened by the bottle-aged characteristics of caramelized apples and baked dough. A juicy sweet and sour berry palate carries this wine to a satisfying, seamless and memorable finish. January 2009