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Michel-Schlumberger Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

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(1991 Vintage)

What is a 19 year old Cabernet supposed to taste like? Is it smooth, velvety, tannic, dusty, smoky? You can break out the big book of wine adjectives and probably find words you hadn't thought of to describe this wine. One answer is clear, this is exactly what a beautifully aged Cabernet should taste like.

1991 was one of the best vintages of the 1990s. This is the first vintage under the Michel-Schlumberger label after a decade as Domaine Michel. Fred Payne was still the winemaker crafting these delicious, full bodied Cabernets.

Growing conditions were exactly as they should be, rain stopped when it should in April, warm spring, hot summer, no rain, perfect ripening. The fruit is still amazingly bright in this wine. It tastes great right out of the bottle and does improve with decanting. It will continue to age beautifully.

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  • Critics Challenge
    (2001 Vintage) Rating: Critics Challenge 2004 Award - As reviewed by Critics Challenge on 05/01/04. Lovely nose, well balanced with good acidity