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About Us


We are an experienced team of wine and technology experts who love wine and are passionate about using technology to disrupt large markets. We are applying this philosophy to the $34b wine industry to change the way people discover and buy wine.

One of the fastest growing wine communities in the world since 2008, Drync allows wine drinkers to scan, track, share and purchase wine instantly. Just snap a photo of a label, click buy, and the wine is on its way.

Using state-of-the-art image recognition and a massive database of wine, Drync is bridging the gap between wine discovery and purchase.

Drync has been lauded by the Today Show, Bloomberg TV, USA Today, NY Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, and many others.

The Team


Brad Rosen


Entrepreneur and technologist with amazing App-fu and a passion for wine. Conceptualized Drync on a “baby moon” in Tuscany while taking pictures and scraping labels to remember wines. Aha moment came - “There must be a better way!” When he got home, he built it (well, Bill built it). Best wine moment was enjoying a 1967 Cos D’Estournel with his father.


Secret Talent

He can fly AND code!!! A certified pilot since 1991 Brad takes more than his companies sky high (probably safer than letting him code).


Aimee Cronin

Strategic Development

Wine aficionado who has worked every facet of the industry. Will geek out on wine factoids, if prompted. Will also sing karaoke, if prompted. Mother of three. Mandates Champagne consumption every Friday with her husband. Best wine moment was drinking 1988 Salon in a helicopter over Paris with Jordan Mackay, Tara Weingarten and Matt deBord.


Secret Talent

Can make cupcakes in the likeness of any animal on the planet - Cows, Bunnies, Turkeys, Giraffes, Angry Birds, you name it.


Seth Rosen

VP Product

Product manager by day and and overly competitive recreational sports participant by night. Absolutley no relation to Brad Rosen, but for some reason still refers to him as "Bro."


Secret Talent

The underhand softball knuckler


Matthew Griffin

VP Engineering

Beer enthusiast, turtle-recursion specialist, Boston startup veteran.


Secret Talent

Never forgets faces, always forgets names.


Edouard Maupilé

Business Operations Manager

A Frenchman with a love for wine and not CHEESE! Every Sunday you will find him on the golf course trying to putt his way to a good score and if not, either cooking up something good, watching some Formula One races or soccer! Best wine moment was spent enjoying a 1990 Ridge Monte Bello with friends and family.


Secret Talent

Can make a mean beef wellington!


Rob Stringer

Director of Sales

Red Sox fan who loves to build things. Sees patterns, and puts the rubber to the road. Best wine moment is that “ah ha” moment everyone has the first time they smell a wine like they’re going to drink it, then swirl it and smell again.


Secret Talent

Shooting rubber bands and building forts


Katherine Wood


Minnesota native who reps the midwest hard. Graduate of Boston University’s Masters in Gastronomy program, a fascinating multidisciplinary approach to studying food and wine that no one has heard of. Lover of traveling, camping, popcorn, fitness and her cats Parsley and Pistachio. On the weekends you can find Katherine bopping around the Northeast in a canoe or at the beach.


Secret Talent

Combining beer, cheese and popcorn into a delectable soup.

Founders' Story

Drync was born in the small Tuscan town of San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy. On vacation with spouses and enjoying wine throughout the region, co-founders Brad Rosen and Jodi Goldstein began using their iPhones to capture labels of favorites. Both tech entrepreneurs, the opportunity to use the connected smartphone to demystify wine and increase buyer confidence was not lost on them.

Brad then invited co-founders Bill Kirtley and Rob Mathews, two of the best engineers Brad knew, along with user experience guru Eric Sagalyn to create the most comprehensive wine database and community in the world.

As a team, Brad, Jodi, Bill, and Rob built Drync organically to become just that - an enormous community of wine enthusiasts leveraging the largest corpus of wine data in the world to track, share, and buy wine they love.